About me

Why I do, what I do.


Hi, my name is Moha and I am the founder of Tawada Hiking.


University studies

Amazigh Culture, Mediation

& Cultural Management


Educational work

Mentoring & supervision within

different youth organisations


Cultural work

Active member in cultural associations



Tamazight, Darija, Arabic,

French, English



Theater, photography, singing, playing guitar, bodyboarding


Favourite quote

"Life's a school and our experiences are the lessons."

I grew up in the small village of Aourir, just 15km North of Agadir, with the local mountains as my backyard and my playground. Hiking is something that I started when I was very young: to get water, collect olives and argan nuts, go to the market or the beach. I walked everywhere.

Coming from a proud family of Amazigh people (lit. free people, also known as Berber), I always had a large interest in our traditions, history and culture as well as spiritual practices and rooting in nature. Back then, Amazigh people (plural: Imazighen) were living a hard life, our language was not taught in school and our traditions were almost lost. Luckily, this started changing in 2001 and our language became an official language of Morocco in 2011. More and more young Imazighen are proudly living their heritage.

In 2012 I finished my Bachelor studies in Amazigh languages and literature as well as cultural mediation and animation, which led me into the sector of social work, especially with kids from rural areas. Up until today I am working in different local associations, which educate Morocco’s next generations in history, culture, art, sport and personal development.

As an expert in Amazigh history, culture and nature, I want to share my story and my heritage as well as the beauty and hospitality of my land with visitors and locals alike. On my hikes you will experience and learn about Morocco off the beaten track, meet the locals, hear about ancient wisdom and about present development, possibilities but also struggles. You will also have enough time to enjoy the silence and tranquility of nature, go for a swim and sit in the sun.